About Us

Our company ; Crown Travel and Logistics Company Limited has been in the forefront in travel pursuit with and objective of offering the best services to its clients and the cheapest air tickets possible.

Air Ticketing

The presence of a wide range  of airlines enable us give our customers a variety of choices while still ensuring that the customer is still the price-taker.

Logistics Services

We provide air freight transportation services, a comprehensive package of premium, value-added services and specialist products specifically for you.

Hajj and Umrah

We can easily cater for individual travellers and dedicated Hajj groups, providing all the necessary bookings and itineraries with our professional assistance.

We Are Professional & Thoughtful Air Ticketing Agents

Crown Travel and Logistics was established in response to the growing need for affordable local and international flights services and Logistics. Since then, we have worked hand in hand with the leading air lines serving the needs of our discerning and diverse clientele.

  • We have high experienced travel consultants who are trained every year with latest technology.
  • We have over ten year experience in the travel and logistics market.
  • Our Services are Real Time hence saving you a lot of time.


Our Services

Our services are available to both individual and corporate.

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